自主希望退職制度「Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」の英語表現【ビジネスレベル】

自主希望退職制度「Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」の英語表現【ビジネスレベル】








自主希望退職制度「Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」の英語表現

自主希望退職制度「Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」の英文例


自主希望退職制度「Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」は、英語ではどのように文で表現されるのかをここで紹介します。


✅A few members of the board have opted for Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP) and have relinquished their control of the company.



He made a decision to apply for Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP).



I took Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP) soon after it was announced.



自主希望退職制度の概要「Outline of Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)」の英文例





(English Ver)

  • Eligible person

Full-time employees who meet the criteria and are approved by the company.

※Retirement as a result of the application of this program will be treated as involuntary retirement.


  • Application period

・Aug 1st to Aug 15th


  • The retirement date

・Sep 30, 2020.


  • Outplacement Services

・Support for re-employment includes “Outplacement Services”.(mentioned later)


  • Special Retirement Allowance(Special severance pay)

3-months’ salary which will be the amount after tax deduction based on the tax laws.

*Severance pay is often granted to employees when they leave a company unwillfully.


  • Procedure for Application Request:Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)

If you wish to apply for this program, please fill in the “Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP)” online application request form as wel as the separate document designated by the company.


(Japanese Ver)

  • 対象者




  • 申請期限



  • 退職日



  • 再就職支援サービス



  • 特別退職金の支給(解雇手当)




  • 適用申請手続き



再就職支援サービスOutplacement Servicesとは


再就職支援サービスOutplacement Servicesとは、主に


・Career counseling

・Training and general support for job-hunting/re-employment preparation

・Providing information about Job-listings

・Provision of activities and lesson plans to develop the skills and knowledge








✅In most cases, Support for re-employment is outsourced to a specialized company for Outplacement Services and eligible employees for this service will be able to receive assistance even while employed.